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Alberta Wilderness Association: Save the Grizzly

Alberta Wilderness Association: Save the Grizzly


Very nice campaign from Canada for the Alberta Wilderness Association: Save the Grizzly. Habitat loss has endagered Alberta’s Grizzlies.

The association approached agency Calder Bateman for help in encouraging government leaders to take steps to prevent habitat loss that is endangering Alberta’s Grizzlies (less than 500 remain in the province). Through a guerilla campaign that include posters, new media, special events, a stunt man in a bear suit, and a friendly protest on parliament, there was extensive media response.

Although the Association is a respected and well-established group, there were limited funds for this project.  The Association has tended to be low key and is probably best known to people who live in southern Alberta.

Calder Bateman’s strategy was to increase impact through a range of low cost solutions and they had several extensions from a nucleus of poster concepts.
For example, they have had one poster of a bear hitchhiking on a highway holding a “zoo” sign, indicating that there is almost no place left for bears to be safe.  They extended this concept into a media event in Calgary, with a bear hitchhiking on Memorial Drive. The event got significant play from the Calgary media, including all the television stations, the Herald and the Sun, a number of smaller publications and radio stations.

Another poster shows a bear climbing a lamppost indicating that only 500 bears remain in Alberta.  Calder Bateman extended this concept in Edmonton by holding a media event with a bear climbing a post in view of the Legislature Building.  In addition to the Edmonton media, this story received considerable play in community papers across Alberta. The Bear also delivered a package for Premier Stelmach to the front of the Legislature.  This was followed by the delivery of packages to all MLAs entitled “Beware of MLAs sleeping”.  This concept has also appeared in ads.




Save the Grizzly micro-site:


Alberta Wilderness Association
Calder Bateman
Additional credits:
Creative Director – Kevin Barclay
Art Director – Jeff McLean/Dave Etcheverry
Designer – Grant Currie/Regan Fraser/Bryce D’Andrea/Georgina Ivan

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