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Alex Bogusky, Anti-Adman

Alex Bogusky, Anti-Adman

Alex Bogusky, founding partner of creative powerhouse Crispin Porter + Bogusky and AdWeek’s Creative Director of the Decade, is not in advertising anymore. Earlier his year, he quit the wildly successful agency that bears his name and turned his back on clients like Burger King and Domino’s Pizza. But he did even more than turn his back on corporate America: he turned against it.

After speaking out against various consumerism issues with guests on his surprisingly relaxed and low-budget show on YouTube (the exact opposite of a succinct, slick 30-second spot) Bogusky yesterday launched Fearless Revolution, “Insurgents in the new consumer revolution”.


As their call-to-arms states:

“Something is definitely happening in our culture.
We think it’s a new consumer revolution.

The fact is we all consume to live. The food we put in our bodies, the clothes we put on our backs, the devices we use to do our jobs, and the energy that goes into everything we touch. Together we consume A LOT. Yet our expectations are too low. We think we have to accept the bad that comes with the good. The pollution that comes with the energy. The unsafe working conditions that come with low prices. The toxic materials that come with convenient packaging.

We can do better. Wanting stuff isn’t going to change. So maybe it’s time to want more – more from ourselves and more from the people who make our stuff.
The duties of citizen and consumer are colliding.

To be a concerned citizen requires that we become concerned consumers because the reality is, corporations will impact our future as much as governments will. Voting beyond the ballot box with our purchasing power is rapidly becoming a powerful individual tool in the democratic experience.”


The organization’s business plan is to support their mission through ethical consulting, speaking and design gigs. And they are calling on the public to contribute ideas to things like writing a new consumer bill of rights.

What do you think? Is Alex Bogusky ahead of the curve in abandoning advertising and restarting the whole conversation from the consumer’s point of view? Or is he just another industry dropout who made his fortune and now has the luxury to atone for it?


Fearless Revolution

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