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Alkohol? Kenn Dein Limit. – Alcohol? Know your Limit.

Alkohol? Kenn Dein Limit. – Alcohol? Know your Limit.

So Guys, here is some good news from Germany:

The Health Minister Daniel Bahr (FDP) and the Federal Centre for Health Education (BzgA) proudly announced on Monday that teenagers in Germany drink less than before. The declining numbers were also attributed to success of currentprevention campaign, “Alcohol? Know your limit”, which has been running for three years. (more after the break)

The new campaign motifs:




Alcohol? Know your limit – House Party
Lukas: 1.3 permille alcohol in the blood. He says goodbye forever.
Jan: 0.8 permille alcohol in the blood. He loses a friend.
Marie: 1.0 permille alcohol in the blood. She has just totally disgraced herself.
Real life doesn’t go backward.

Alcohol? Know your limit – Disco
The cinema spot “Disco” you might have seen in the cinema, on television or on the Internet. It shows how a group of young people could have a nice disco evening if they didn’t drink too much alcohol.

The campaign spot has already won several awards.

She celebrates unrestrained … He will post the pics on the internet tomorrow.
He wants to party with no end … and awakes in his own vomit.
She still gets the curve … he doesn’t lose only his license.
He celebrated until the doctor comes … and lands on intensive care.
Alcohol does more damage than you think.

There is also very informative homepage with interactive ALCOHOL BODYMAP.
Move your mouse over the map to discover what changes and damage alcohol causes in the different institutions:

Now the bad news in the statistics: Especially young men drink unchanged, despite expensive billboards and cinema spots. The 16-17-year-old teens who drink the most, almost the half (45%) drinks over the limit once in a month (2008: 48.5 %). For girls, there are “only” 22%, much less than in 2008 (34%).

And who are the Peers?

Peers are young adults in the mission of campaign – Alcohol? Know your Limit.- and they are traveling to speak with teens about alcohol consumption, the potential risks and the limit. For this Peers are trained and have extensive expertise on the topic.

Check the Facebook page Alkohol? Kenn dein Limit. on Tour


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