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All Day Buffet

All Day Buffet


I recently saw this while surfing around Behance. alldaybuffet –  a social action brand for the creative community. alldaybuffet has nothing to do with food but it has everything to do with filling our hunger to do good. Our purpose is to connect the things we like with the things that matter most. Our concept is open participation. Our network is a family of likeminded people around the world working towards the same ideals. Whether it’s drinking for a cause, curating an art project, or stripping for charity; we want to get you Full on Good.

It’s a simple idea: Inspire Action. Change the world. Have Fun. Because doing good shouldn’t feel like a chore.

I found this really cool, different and innovative. In my opinion this type of initiative could really get a lot of individuals to join, especially the young ones and people from the creative field. 😀 More info after the jump.

from the site:


Creative professionals have millions of ideas to change the world that never materialize because the options to do something are rarely appealing. We created alldaybuffet to break these conventions by providing a platform to make social change cool. Like many brands, we’ve made some action appealing, but our product is doing good. And while most brands use their “call to action” for small goals–i.e. go to the web, buy this, click here–our call to action is to inspire further action—create something better, throw an event. We’ve created a platform that drags people out of their comfort zones to connect, take action, do good and have fun doing it.


alldaybuffet is equal parts an event filter, party planner, social network, and think tank.

We produce and promote appealing and accessible events that we’d want to be at anyway, but that also, in some way, raise awareness, generate discussion, and/or inspire action to make the world a better place.

We learn, write, and talk on and offline about the kind of things that interest us, but that are also connected in some way to improving the world.

We facilitate connections and grow a diverse community of likeminded and creative individuals in order to draw upon our varied talents to do positive things, whatever they may be.


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