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Amazing car crash sculpture made with 17 painted bodies

Amazing car crash sculpture made with 17 painted bodies


This is the newest campaign from MAC, the Motor Accident Commission South Australia. It is an amazing body paint project done by artist Emma Hack from Adelaide.
Emma Hack is known for the video clip Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotya.

The message for MAC is simple. Speeding is a community problem. We all play a part.
“When we all slow down, so will our road toll.”

Even if you’re not in a crash, if you creep over the limit, your speeding will have an effect on other people on the road. Everyone in the community plays a part in helping to reduce the road toll.

The result of the body paint project is amazing just like the process making it. The shoot took a total of 18 hours, using 17 men and women—each with up to five layers of paint applied to their bodies.
See the Behind the Scenes below. The video already got over 200.000 views on YouTube.

The body paint project was like a jigsaw puzzle. That’s also the subject of this other campaign item from MAC:

MAC, Motor Accident Commission South Australia
Clemenger BBDO, Adelaide, Australia
Additional credits:
Executive Creative Director: Karl Fleet
Art Director: Amy Weston
Agency Producer: Katherine Puttock
Colour Manager: Paul Munzberg
Account Director: Erik de Roos
Production Assistant: Jessica Parker
Artist: Emma Hack
Photographer: Jacqui Way
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