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Amazon Eve have experienced firsthand about the wage gap

Amazon Eve have experienced firsthand about the wage gap

Equal Pay Day is originally started as a Belgian initiative and now grown into European level. Because the pay gap is still a problem in and for all European member states. The day is the annual day to pay attention to this inequality. Equal Pay Day is every March because all over Europe women have to work till this month just to earn the same amount men did the year before.

In this years campaign video, Erika Ervin, American actress and model, tells how happy she is to now be a woman, but also the severe sacrifices she made to become one. She refers to the gender pay gap she has experienced since she is a woman. Her motto is ”Treat me like a woman, pay me like a man”.

The European campaign is launched by PES Women, zij-kant Belgium and the Dutch PvdA- Women. On the initiative of zij-kant, the progressive women’s movement and co-organiser of the Belgian Equal Pay Day, mortierbrigade and the production company Czar created the international video clip.

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