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An annual report difficult to read because of a handicap

An annual report difficult to read because of a handicap


Most annual reports are difficult to read. Canadian agency WAX Partnership used that idea to give the annual from the Calgary Society for Persons with Disabilities (CSPD) an additional function.

The brief of CSPD was to create a provocative annual report that told their financial story, but which can also be used to raise awareness (and funds) for the organisation.

WAX decided to make the annual difficult to read by using a single staple in the centre of the pages. WAX then told the story of a client over a day using stark, journalistic photos and honest language that doesn’t pull any punches.
By simply placing a single staple in the middle of the report, WAX created a simple yet incredibly powerful metaphor for the struggle that persons with disabilities face every day of their lives. Because “being handicapped is hard”.

WAX won a Black Pencil prize at the D&AD Awards this year with the annual.
It is the second time WAX has been awarded for work with the CSPD. In 2009, the 2008 CSPD Annual Report earned In Book, where the entire annual report was written by hand, on objects that were purchased from fundraising efforts to help people living with disabilities.

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