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An employee is not a tool

An employee is not a tool

“An employee is not a tool.
Support 11.11.11 in their battle for decent/dignified work”

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This Belgian campaign is a prolongation of an international campaign for decent (dignified?) work launched in januari 2007 at the Worldwide Social Forum in Nairobi. 11.11.11 Is a Flemish organisation combining all organisations working on the North vs South issues.

The campaign also includes a website (Dutch and French) and two amusing yet painful radio PSAs, available in Dutch only.

– Can I help you?
– I’d like to buy a batch of telephone operators.
– For use in sales or as a helpdesk?
– It’s actually for a promotional campaign.
– In that case I would rent, I’ve got some really good men from eastern China…

An employee is not a tool.
Support 11.11.11 in the battle for decent work. Help us on account number 000-000011-11



– Excuse me sir.
– What can I do you for?.
– I heard you’re selling cheap Polish labourers…

This campaign was made by goodwill. All parties involved did the work for free. Hence the long credit list, they – at least – deserve the visibility.

A big plus about this campaign is how easy the people at 11.11.11 made it to distribute it. Something which might seem but sadly isn’t that evident and sometimes even a problem. Even in this day and age.

Houbi points to another iteration of this campaign on hebbes, one of the larger Belgian online marketplaces. It’s in Dutch but I guess you can catch the idea…
I’ll get you started, the object for sale is called “Multifunctional employee”.

See it live here.

Additional credits:
Production company: Caviar
Regisseur: Andreas Hasle
3D/Postproduction company: Herman Germys, Greet Van Thillo en Inge Theylaert
Sound postproduction: Sonicville
Sounddesign: Yves De Mey
Rigging: DRAGONE
Acrobate: Maria Hippolyte, Ali Salmi Osmosiscie France
DOP/camera: Otten Patrick
Gaffer: Steven Frederickx
Grip: Kurt Reybroeck
Décor: Yves Verstraete
Styling: Vanessa Evrard
Make up: Hilde Van Hees
Location Manager: Thomas Coppejans
Casting: Wantedd en Dag Casting
Studio + materiaal: Alfacam
Grip material: KGS Brussel
Light: Spots Unlimited Vilvoorde
Cherry Picker: Maes Hoogwerkers
Helmets: Overtoom International Belgium
Cars: Garage Jennes Machelen, Dockx CTR Wilrijk
Rawstock: Kodak Zaventem
Labo: Studio l’Equipe Brussel
Voice Overs: Alexandre Van den Abeele, Koen Van Impe