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An interactive guide to destroying your body with cigarettes

An interactive guide to destroying your body with cigarettes


In the fight to prevent teen smoking, it’s sometimes hard to decide which consequence to focus on. Cancer? It’s probably decades away. Fertility? They’re trying not to conceive, thanks. Appearance? Sure, it might break through. But isn’t that rather superficial?

It’s also a challenge to get the tone right. Shock ads can (and often do) backfire. A positive approach is great, but does it address something substantive?

This interactive digital campaign by Helsinki’s 359 attempts to do it all. It offers interactive male and female bodies with a simple slider that allows the user to visualize health or illness in the bodily systems of their choice.

The agency posted this explanation on Ads of The World:

Do you remember the pictures of black lungs we were shown at school? Tobacco Body is exactly the same thing done for the iPad age. It is a tool for teachers to show how tobacco changes our bodies. We’ve been working with Cancer Society of Finland since the inception of our agency cracking the same problem: How do we get teenagers to think critically about smoking? This time we thought about the school world and soon realized that those pictures in the books are still the same. Isn’t it time for an update? Can’t technology make the shock effect more shocking?
Especially when it comes to impotence:


The application also allows you to zoom in and out, so if you really want to see what’s going on (or, more likely in the case of teens, zoom in on the boobies and crotches) you can.


Overall, it’s a nice educational tool. It allows self-directed education, with good balance of digital eye candy and hard facts. And, in addition to Finnish and Swedish, they were kind enough to add an English version for the rest of the world.

Cancer Society of Finland
358, Helsinki, Finland
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Erkki Izarra
Art Directors: Maria Friedman, Ville Kovanen
Copywriters: Valtteri Väkevä, Jonathan Mander, Anna Lundqvist
Graphic Designer: Pol Sosona
Producers: Krista Durchman, Peggy Petrell
Photographer: Kimmo Syväri
Production company: !noob
Ads of The World

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