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And you, what do you do to protect yourself?

And you, what do you do to protect yourself?

This querilla campaign was organised in the night before World Aids Day (Dec 1st) by agency Rouge for Act Up Paris. Thousands of bicycle saddles had been covered with the message:
Et vous, vous faites quoi pour vous protéger?
And you, what do you do to protect yourself?

They targeted the people right where it mattered. Cycling is the most popular form of transportation of the younger crowd in Paris. The saddles of Vélib’ bicycles where covered. Vélib’ (“vélo libre” or “vélo liberté” / free bicycle or bicycle freedom) is a public bicycle rental programme in Paris, France. Launched on July 15, 2007, 10,000 bicycles were introduced to the city with 750 hire points each with 15 or more bikes/spaces.

Paris is having the honour being the European capital of aids. 71% of the contagions concern heterosexuals, 50% of the infections diagnosed in France are in Paris, and at the Ile-de-France 44% of discovered seropositivity concern women.




Act Up Paris
Rouge Paris
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Patrick Samot
Art Director: Paul Jean

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