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Angels protest violence in the murder capital of the world

Angels protest violence in the murder capital of the world

Photo by Luis Hinojos, via Vice

Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, is known as the “murder capital of the world” due to the epidemic of violence caused by the drug cartels who have been using the border town as a base of operations for the past decade.

For two and a half years, a group of teenagers from a Christian church called Psalm 100, calling themselves the “Messenger Angels,” have been risking their lives to protest the violence. They cover themselves with silver paint and glitter, put on white robes and feathered wings, and hold signs with messages such as “Zetas, ask forgiveness,” and“Cop-killers. Enough! Sincerely, Jesus Christ.” (Los Zetas are “the most technologically advanced, sophisticated, and dangerous cartel operating in Mexico.”)

Vice reporter Bernardo Loyola, who met with the Messenger Angels, one of whom proclaimed defiantly, “We have decided to speak to [the cartels and police]  in a direct way, and we are perfectly aware of the risk.”

Vice Magazine

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