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Animated worms promote organ donation for Red Cross Mexico

Animated worms promote organ donation for Red Cross Mexico

It’s not initially clear what the colorful worms are up to in this spot until you read the snappy tagline at the end of the video.

This charming (if morbid!) video was produced by Argentinian agency PUNGA for Red Cross Mexico (Cruz Roja Mexicana).

Spanish version:

Check out the equally tongue-in-cheek posters:




The spot surfaced on Red Cross France’s Facebook page today, but has yet to be shared by Red Cross Mexico. Many appeals for organ donation focus on the suffering of waitlist patients, or tell a “hero” story about how donors can change lives with their gift. They rarely reference corpses! I like the cheekiness of “worms”.

Cruz Roja Mexicana
Additional credits:
Director: Tomi Di Executive Producer: Patricio Verdi Line Producer: Malu Rodriguez, Antonieta Queija Animation Director: Facundo Laboranti Art Directors: Juan Casal, Franco Vecchi Story Board and Animatic: Claudio Iriarte Character design: Franco Vecchi Composition: Facundo Laboranti Art Team: Franco Vecchi , Juan Casal, Rodier Kidmann 3D Animators: Martin Faragasso, Gabriel Quintana, Leo Campasso, Ezequiel Matteo, Cesar Pelizer Lighting: Ago Carrera Render: Ago Carrera, Ezequiel Matteo Textures: Franco Vecchi Modeling: Guido Lambertini, Franco Vecchi Mattepaint / backgrounds: Franco Vecchi 2d Fxs: Leo Campasso, Cesar Pelizer 3d Simulation: Ago Carrera Music: Diego Voloschin
Croix-Rouge française

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