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Another Gun Safety Campaign Trying to be Thoughtful and Considerate

Another Gun Safety Campaign Trying to be Thoughtful and Considerate

Take every opportunity to ban gun ownership, simple as that. That’s my very European opinion. But that’s not reality in the country where this campaign is running at the moment.

The video in this post is part of a campaign from the American Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. They are as they claim published on all their media channels: the only national law center focused on providing comprehensive legal expertise in support of gun violence prevention.

The Law Center is using a lot of words on their website explaining their policy. In short it’s I guess the same neither fish nor fowl as gun responsibility organization Evolve (see their campaign from our archive here). It’s somewhere in the middle saying that guns are okay but not in all circumstances.

The video is made by director Anthony Wilson. He addresses the urgent need to keep children safe from firearms in the home.

From the press release:

Through the metaphorical use of a young boy, the symbol of our young country, and the backdrop of classic Americana; Wilson asks us to follow him as he seeks to understand what this object’s purpose is. In the end, reality shows the young boy, our young country, what the sole purpose of a gun is. It is an instrument of death; and we should hold that notion close to us when we decide who should wield this power and how.

The campaign is part of a toolkit. It is legal resource for state legislators and activists that offers detailed proposals for smart gun laws and in-home best practices to keep kids from accessing firearms. Recommendations include secure locking methods, warning labels, and child access prevention laws.

Director/Writer: Anthony Wilson
Executive Producer: Rania Hattar
Producer: Patrick Malloy
Production Coordinator: Jack Ireland
1st A.D.: Jeff Hart
2nd A.D.: Jonathan Davis
Director of Photography: Kenneth Wales
1st A.C.: Sébastien Thibault
Gaffer/Grip: Lyn Embraer
Sound: Jonathan Bettor
Studio Teacher: Carol
Cropland Production Assistant: Kimberly Yarnesen

Little Boy: Zakary Risinger
Older Boy: James Berean Germany

ALEXA provided by The Camera House
Production Supplies provided by Siren
Production Vehicles provided by Galpin

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