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Anti-FGM campaign looks brutally familiar

Anti-FGM campaign looks brutally familiar

Netherlands flag stitched up to look like a vulva post-FGM


The first thought that crossed my mind, when people started asking me about this new anti-FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) campaign by Ogilvy, UK, was “didn’t Amnesty do it first”?



Yes, they did. This iconic image, by Volontaire (Stockholm, Sweden) was part of a stunning awareness campaign about the FGM practice of infibulation that turned both heads and stomachs.

The new campaign is also disturbing, although it lacks the vulnerable fragility of the flower metaphor. The flags, instead, are pure brutality:






Admittedly, only advertising people care if a concept seems too close to work that’s been done before. For most audiences, this will simply read as a shockingly direct awareness campaign.

If it helps end involuntary FGM, so be it.

Source: Ads Of The World

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