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Anti-Obesity (is) Fun

Anti-Obesity (is) Fun

The longer I write about non-profit advertising, the more I find out that a positive approach to a social cause is the most valuable strategy. I recently read that shockvertising only works on the short term (I will share this research soon).

The positive approach is also what I like about this new Anti-Obesity campaign from the St. Petersburg/Clearwater (Pinellas County) area in Florida USA.
It isn’t about what we are doing wrong in our hectic daily lives. It is about what we can do to live healthy which is fun also. This campaign, entitled Find the Fun, brings the fun nearby, literally.

The main campaign item is the Find the Fun website, where Pinellas County citizens can find any active fun things to do.

Peter Mitchell from Salter>Mitchell, the agency behind the campaign: “The twist here is that instead of pleading with people to eat right and get more physically active, we created this web application ( to help them find active stuff to do, as well as healthy food. Think of it as the equivalent of the TV remote for active fun. In the advertising, our pitch is this: Active fun is … more fun (not just healthy, which people already know).”

The campaign contains 3 tv-spots (also for cinema), 7 different bus shelter ads, a print ad, 3 outdoor ads, 3 radio spots and various web banners.
And a mobile app will be launched in December.
An example of all items are in this post. Not all items, that would be too much.




Outdoor ad:


Web banners:




Radio spot:

Bus shelter ads:



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