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Anti PowerPoint Party against boredom

Anti PowerPoint Party against boredom

I don’t know what to do, laughing or taking this serious. I think it will be the serious part because I don’t like PowerPoint myself. And I finally found the arguments.
Above is the speech of Matthias Poehm, president of the Anti-PowerPoint-Party (APPP). They want to become the fourth political party in Switzerland. And to start an international movement.

Poehm: “The fact is that the average PowerPoint* presentation creates boredom. The world is using PowerPoint* without knowing that the alternative flip-chart has a triple effect in 95% of the cases.”
(*PowerPoint as a representative for all presentation software)

The goal of the movement is to decrease the number of boring presentations worldwide, and that those, who want to renounce PowerPoint, will not have to justify themselves in the future. It is not PowerPoint that should be abolished, but only the PowerPoint constraint.

To draw worldwide attention to their cause the movement chose the organizational form of an international party in Switzerland. The APPP calls its members “proponents”. It wants to become the fourth largest Swiss party with 33.000 members and thus make the PowerPoint issue a political issue that one talks widely and deeply worldwide. “The more people talk about it, the more change will take place”, says APPP-founder Matthias Poehm.

Poehm: “I have an operating principle that always helps me: I don’t want to be right, I only want the best result. Over 14 years of public speaking training I have noticed that the use of Flip-chart beats PowerPoint in 95 of 100 cases. This is not wishful thinking on my part but proven experience.”

Their website exists in 8 languages.

Hat tip to Kirstin Butler.

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