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Anti-Rape Condom Device: effective?

Anti-Rape Condom Device: effective?

Not a very stylish video for the anti-rape condom device named Rape-aXe. But it isn’t the video which interest me, it’s the product.

A woman can insert this female condom much like a tampon. Made from latex, the condom is comfortable and causes no inconvenience to the user, which is again the case with tampons. Jagged rows of teeth-like hooks line the insides of this condom. Upon insertion, these hooks will sink into the flesh, which apart from startling the attacker, will also cause great discomfort.

Once this precautionary device takes hold of its victim, only a medical professional is advised to remove it. This is to prevent permanent damage to the vital organs. Upon being approached by such a patient, the medical staff would approach the law enforcement authorities, thus enabling positive identification and conviction of the attacker.

I asked our Facebook Fans their opinion about Rape-aXe.

Sacha Declomesnil: unfortunately it only works once. not efficient for collective rapes… more numerous in some countries than one may think…

קופי מעפן: So, a women would have to wear one of those at any time, expecting the rapist?

Christine Renaud: Wow. What disturbs me the most is that rape is part of many women daily concern, in South Africa and elsewhere, and that a device like this would be the only thing bringing them some sort of relief, knowing then it would be easier to retrieve a rapist.
Because it wouldn’t prevent them from actually being attacked and the trauma that comes with being assaulted. It is not an anti-rape device for me, it is a rapist-retriever.

Galen Wong: It bothers me that rape happens enough that someone creates such a device.

K Elizabeth Matthews: It does bother me that women are raped. There have been numerous reports to indicate that men do not rape women for the act of ‘sex.’ Most of the time it is a way of acting out violence. This leads me to believe that the female anti-rape condom could actually cause much harm. It may anger the man more…and even cause him to kill her…sounds too dangerous…

What do you think about Rape-aXe?

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