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Anti Smoking PSA ‘1,2,3’

Anti Smoking PSA ‘1,2,3’

When I saw this Anti-smoking PSA I just thought if there in the (advertising) World is the manual “How to Do (or not to Do) a Stop Smoking Campaign”, the makers of this campaign didn’t read it. What ever their purpose was, the incredible “shock factor” that this advertisement delivers only demonstrates how horrible insensitive the idea of the campaign is! An Epic Fail! This won’t make me quit smoking but I hope this made those guys stop advertising. (more after the video)

Anti Smoking, “1,2,3” from Jordan Sharon on Vimeo.


This anti-smoking campaign is intended to be hard to watch by showing images of teenager girl who is playing russian roulette … Is this campaign for teens?
Teens don’t think rationally about things. I am afraid the teenagers will see this advertising with other eyes than adults.
It’s just too much violence in this spot.

Another proof that smoking can also cause a worst possible anti smoking ads.

Directed By Jordan Sharon
Producer: Vinnie Singh
DP: Eric Robbins
Editor: Nicholas Wayman Harris

And here is another remarkable piece of work – same campaign – same failure

Anti Smoking PSA, “Belt” :30 from Jordan Sharon on Vimeo.


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