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Anyone can join Amsterdam Gay Pride in a live full 360° view

Anyone can join Amsterdam Gay Pride in a live full 360° view

While participating in a Gay Pride at most parts of the world is a dangerous thing to do, the Amsterdam Canal Parade is embraced by many Dutch brands. What started as a march about sexual diversity has become a major commercial fest. It can evoke some irritation but it is also the prove that the cause is widely supported.

The campaign in this post is from the Dutch telecom provider KPN. The participate in the canal parade with an empty boat. But that does not mean there will not be anyone on board. Everyone can be virtual passengers aboard the boat as it makes its way through the canals. The Pridestream boat is specially equipped with a camera that streams a full 360-degree panoramic view.

In addition to the camera, the boat is equipped with LED screens showing videos of people all over the world who are letting everyone know that they are also a part of the celebrations from afar. For those living in countries in which Gay Pride is not accepted and celebrated, the website offers a number of privacy tools that enable people there to join the Parade safely and anonymously.

The Pridestream can be followed via (1 Aug).

Agency: N=5
Concept: Ed van Bennekom, Jasper Diks, Zwier Veldhoen
Art Direction: Ed van Bennekom, Olaf van der Geld (CD)
Copy: Jasper Diks
Design: Big Pitcher, Marcel Berghuis
Strategy: Mijntje Cuijpers, Elke van Eijk, Marc Oosterhout
Account: Ralph Balk, Gonny Pullens, Floris Reuvers, Anouk Zink
Online Producers: Tisha Hoppenbrouwers, Jasper Baartmans
Motion graphics: Renoud Netjes
RTV: Christ Bloemheuvel, Monique Neuteboom, Moniek van de Rijt, Lenny Venema

Development: MEDIAMONKS
Streaming: DutchView en Encircle
Led Technique & audio: CHAIN
Hosting: Vellance
Animation & Sound: The AMBASSADORS
Media: Coopr, Workplace Pride
The boat: Gaypride BOOT
Music boat: Joost van Bellen & Sander Stenger at STAR STUDDED STUDIOS

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