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Are balls the new chapter in the sexualization of cancer?

Are balls the new chapter in the sexualization of cancer?

Play with yourself, another expression for self-examination, is one of the best ways to detect various cancers in the early stages. Important because early detection increases the chance of cure.

In recent years, it was breast cancer where marketing and porn people explored the area between illness and sex. Mostly with very sad results. These days are almost over but there is another form of cancer becoming the rising star: testicular cancer. Tom wrote about the ‘educational’ video from Pornhub recently. And now there is Play with yourself from Australia.

Australian testicular cancer awareness charity Blue Ball Foundation has teamed up with adult film studio Digital Playground to get Australian men checking themselves regularly. They do this in a special way by putting a public service message in the middle the real adult movie Game of Balls. It look like this without the blue sock:

Q&A with adult start Eva Lovia, on-set, for “Play with Yourself”:

I have some doubts. A terrible illness like cancer isn’t something to combine with the joy of sex. On the other hand the way Pornhub and the Blue Ball Foundation are doing it is very successful. According to the Australian organisation over 1 million viewers already saw the educational part of Play with Yourself.

Jamie Morgan, Founder of  The Blue Ball Foundation:

My first thought was wow, what a great opportunity to spread the word to a massive audience of Aussie men in the key 20-39 age bracket we target. We’ve been waiting for the right large-scale opportunity to present itself – and here it is. Play with Yourself will save many men from dying unnecessarily from this slow-growing cancer.
The last thing young men will be expecting to see while watch an adult movie is the star to “break the 3rd wall” and address the viewer with a message about testicular cancer. So we think the message will really break through. Also, our aim has always been to spread the message in a fun way, so as not to overwhelm blokes with fear. This project does exactly that.
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