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Are you close to boiling point?

Are you close to boiling point?


A famous Dutch writer said last week “we are living in a over irritated world”. I admit, looking around at most blogs shows the dominance of the big mouth. Superiority and anger seems to be the keywords.
The British Mental Health Foundation ask in this years campaign how close you are to the boiling point. Most of us deal with anger in a healthy way. But for some of us anger can sometimes become a problem. Even if you don’t always express anger, it doesn’t mean you don’t feel it.
Problem anger has been linked to a range of physical, mental health and social problems.

The campaign is multi-platform and includes:
Boiling Point website
– Posters and postcards
– Booklet: Cool Down
– Report: Boiling Point Report
– Boiling Point Event
– Web banners


The website and FaceBook application is to get people thinking about anger in their own lives the Mental Health Foundation have also launched a website, where you can:
Do the How angry are you? Quiz
Participate in an online rant
Watch a video (see below)


Mental Health Foundation (UK)

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