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Are your hand and your breast spending enough quality time together?

Are your hand and your breast spending enough quality time together?


That seems to be the message of this rather whimsical breast health campaign from Mozambique, although the actual headline is a little less direct. Produced by DDB for Vodacom Fashion Week in that country, they have great illustration. Although the disembodied breasts and hands are really weird, they don’t appear to be sexualizing cancer. I’d love to see the original language version of these ads, however, to know if they lead to more useful breast self-exam information than the basics given on the “international” (English) posters that were shared on Ads of The World.



And while I know it’s unintentional on DDB Moputo’s part, I couldn’t help but be reminded of a scene from an old Woody Allen movie:


Vodacom Mozambique Fashion Week
DDB, Maputo, Mozambique
Additional credits:
Creative Directors: Zeca de Oliveira, André Coelho
Creatives: Alex de Andrade, Christiano Vendramine, Sara Vale
Illustrator: Maísa Chaves
Planner: Cristiana Oliveira
Accounts: Vasco Rocha, Christine Ramela, Fernanda Neves
Media: Marcia Uetela
Ads of The World

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