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Armut macht krank – Poverty leads to ill

Armut macht krank – Poverty leads to ill

These BBDO campaign for Caritas against poverty launched this year with the slogan “Poverty leads to ill.” “Where is a lack of income, education and perspectives, disease is a frequent companion.” With this message Caritas wants to draw attention to the vulnerabilities and insufficient in German health system.

“Health is what every human being needs – including the poor. But their chances are slim. The loads are too great: No job, no money, no home … Body and psyche often strike when they connect to the “normal life” loses. The charity is committed to ensuring that health care in Germany is independent of income and education.” this is the statement by President Monsignor Peter Neher, Caritas Germany and these are the thoughts of all of us.
The freezing temperatures in Europe claims over 400 lives. Many of those who died in the cold were homeless. Caritas provides as every year in many countries around the world at the beginning of the cold winter season, assistance to the needy, such as in Armenia, Russia or Ukraine, Afghanistan and Japan…

Translation: We have defeated the plague. We have overcome the smallpox. We have developed medicine against tuberculosis… and against typhoid. Only against the greatest pathogen is a medicine not enough … against the poverty.


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“Not only the individual behavior of the individual decides his or her health. The living environment and the workplace, social relationships, educational attainment and income affect health significantly. This means that the risk of disease increases and decreases the life expectancy if people have a low Education, have long been unemployed, precarious jobs work or have little or no income. The life expectancy of a woman out of poverty risk group is approximately under eight years of a woman from a high income group and of the men there are eleven years difference.” says President Monsignor Peter Neher in his statement. “According to EU criteria, people living are in risk of poverty, who have the 60 percent or less of median income in each country available . In Germany, this affects 12.6 million people. That’s an average of almost every sixth man / woman. People in persistent poverty are at greater risk of having a heart attack or stroke, diabetes mellitus, or to get chronic bronchitis.”

The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being…
Everyone deserves health.




Deutscher Caritasverband e.V
BBDO Proximity GmbH
Additional credits:
Creation: A. Schnottale, A.K. Hüsken, S. Hardieck
Consultance: V. Schoedel
Producer: S. Gentis, A. Bintz
Production and Postproduction: Cobblestone, Berlin
Director/dop: Nico Beyer, Michael Mieke
Soundstudio: Studio Funk, DUS
Composer: Christian Meyer

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