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Artist trolls a nation with blunt anti-Trump billboard

Artist trolls a nation with blunt anti-Trump billboard

American artist Karen Fiorito recently erected a billboard in Phoenix, Arizona, that carries a blunt message about the current President Of The United States, Donald Trump.

Ms. Fiorito told CBS News that the dollar sign swastikas and nuclear explosions represent, “corporate power and greed and how our society has become all about money and corporatism…it says power, money, and dictatorship.”

She adds that she has received death threats from Trump supporters.

NBC reports that the billboard art was commissioned by the billboard owner, Beatrice Moore, a longtime patron of the arts.

On the reverse of the billboard (image from AZ Central), the word “Unity” is spelled out in English and American Sign Language:

Of this, the artist states, “I wanted to have a positive or a flip side to the billboard. I wanted something to be a call to unity and a call for people to come together to resist what’s happening … if we become united, we can defeat anything.”

I like the unity message. Who wouldn’t? But might the Nazi apocalypse imagery be a little premature, and/or disrespectful to Jewish people and others who were affected by the actual Holocaust?

On the other hand, the ties between the Trump administration and actual Nazi sympathizers are pretty damn awful.

What do you think? Poignant protest, or adding fuel to the fire?


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