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Autism Awareness with Kinect

Autism Awareness with Kinect

This awareness tool made for Autism Speaks is from last year. The interactive video screen use Kinect motion-sensors.
Passers-by were asked to make eye contact with the girl on the screen. The little girl avoids eye contact; one of the most prominent signs of autism.

Seems to be a great visualization but as one of the commenters said on YouTube:
“The idiotic thing is, as soon as a kid looks away from someone, they’re immediately labeled as autistic by a quack doctor, when about 9 out of 10 “autists” are just shy. This advertisement is not helping to fix that. Way to go, Autism Speaks.”

Another comment:
“It clearly says “Avoiding eye contact COULD be a sign of autism.” It doesn’t sat that its DEFINITELY sign of autism. There’s a clear invitation to find out more too.”

They are right but I doubt condemning this campaign technique. As the text in front of the installation tells the public: “Avoiding eye contact could be a sign of autism. Learn the signs at”.
That’s a good call to action but it isn’t enough. With such an installation it is important to have comprehensive information at the spot.

I hope that members of the organization were there to provide more information about the disorder. The video doesn’t clarify this. Even a web search and the Autism Speaks website isn’t clear about it.

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