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Awful shock ads depict children as sex dolls

Awful shock ads depict children as sex dolls


Disgust. That’s the first and only reaction I have to this campaign.

Glow, Berlin, clearly had that visceral reaction in mind when they designed it. That’s what they do for Innocence in Danger. One campaign tried to lure casual pedophiles with a fake video. (Warning: It will put the words “Sweet boy naked in the shower” in your browser history.) Another showed smartphone groping children. Yet another showed abusers as grotesque emojis.

These campaigns all get attention. But won’t someone please think about the children?


The ads are clearly intended to get attention to the issue of child sexual abuse. But what then? There’s not call-to-action. No solution offered. Just pictures of children as literal sex objects. It dehumanizes the victims without doing a thing to change the situation.

Innocence in Danger states its purpose on its website: “Innocence in danger informs and alerts children, families, teachers, educators and schools on the various snares that paedocriminals set on the Internet to achieve their pernicious aims.”

Would you want your children seeing these ads? They’re selling fear. Fear doesn’t necessarily mobilize people. In fact, it can simply overwhelm them.

To say I dislike these ads is an understatement. I hate them. To add insult to injury, Joe La Pompe points out that they’re not even original. So stop it already.


Source: Ads Of The World

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