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Babies who sleep here don’t always wake up

Babies who sleep here don’t always wake up


With infants deaths due to co-sleeping on the rise in Milwaukee, Serve Marketing launched yet another bold and aggressive campaign to urge parents to stop sharing a bed with their infants. This time taking their message to the streets, placing dozens of mattresses stamped with blaze orange babies and provocative messages at busy inner city intersections.

One headline reads, “Babies that sleep here don’t always wake up.” Another asks to “Imagine how many more babies would still be alive if they hadn’t slept here.”

So far this year, 10 babies have died in unsafe sleep conditions in Milwaukee. The campaign, is part of a larger effort by the City of Milwaukee Health Department to promote safe sleeping habits for parents with small children.

Serve Creative Director Gary Mueller: “We felt we needed to do something bolder and more interruptive to get people’s attention, because conventional marketing tactics just don’t seem to be working.”





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City of Milwaukee Health Department
Serve Marketing
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Gary Mueller
Writer: Mike Holicek
Art Director: Mitch Markussen
Acct Team: Heather Aldrich, Brittin Haury

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