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Bags without borders

Bags without borders


The three different items from this remarkable campaign, made for Avocats sans frontières Québec (Canada, ASFQ/Lawyers without Borders), are being sent to lawyers, law students, representatives in the legal community, political and social agents as well as the main Québec media outlets. This campaign will spearhead the organisation efforts to raise awareness of its cause.
Canadian Ad Agency Cossette Communication-Marketing, who worked pro bono for this campaign, designed 1.000 bags, each containing a rock, rice or a rope and a message describing how the work being done by ASFQ makes a difference.

Copy on the bag with the rock (above): “Cette roche ne servira pas à lapider Amina Lawal condamnée à mort pour avoir conçu un enfant hors mariage. Elle a été acquittée.”
“This rock will not be used to stone Amina Lawal, sentenced to death for delivering a child out of wedlock. She has been acquitted.”

Copy on the bag with the rope: “Cette corde ne servira pas à étrangler l’avocat Carlos Sanchez parce qu’il a dénoncé les pratiques des paramilitaires. Il a été protégé.”
“This rope will not be used to strangle lawyer Carlos Sanchez for denouncing the practices of the paramilitary forces. He has been protected.”

Copy on the bag with the rice: “Cette portion de riz ne sera pas le repas quotidien de Sani Belawa. Ses conditions d’incarcération ont été améliorées.”
“This portion of rice will no longer be Sani Belawa’s only daily meal. The conditions of her incarceration have been improved.”

Agency Cossette also made three print ads which are published between October and December in Journal du Barreau, which offered free advertising space.



The three print ads:




Avocats sans frontières Québec
Cossette Communication-Marketing
Additional credits:
Laurent Prud’homme: Creative director
Élyse Noël de Tilly: Copywriter
Fern Breslaw: Art director
Identica Branding and Design: print production

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