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Bartosz Nowicki: The Wall of Silence

Bartosz Nowicki: The Wall of Silence


The Wall of Silence is a project from Polish photographer Bartosz Nowicki. The project is about the existence and presence of black people in Poland.
The photo’s are modified with the Polish national colors red and white.

Poland never had a colony (although there were attempts to generate them). Human migration to this country never existed on a scale observed in Western Europe. Consequently, the history of Africans living there is minimal. An average citizen of Poland barely has any contact with a black person, especially in small cities or villages.
Today the number of people with African descent living in Poland is higher than ever (but still small relatively). Poles, as a society, appear not to be prepared for this fact; they seem not to be educated enough. There is a wall between the black and white people of Poland and this is not the wall of hate, but the wall of the unknown, the wall of silence. It makes the existence of Polish black people harder than it could and should be.

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