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BBC report on Queen Elizabeth’s birthday as it was Kim Jong-un

BBC report on Queen Elizabeth’s birthday as it was Kim Jong-un

Something strange is going on in this seemingly ordinary ceremony video footage from England. What you see is the military parade at Buckingham Palace that accompanies the queen’s birthday each year. But the audio is from a BBC radio report by foreign correspondent Stephen Evans which he made at a North Korean military parade.

The video was published anonymously by a certain John Smith last month. It is a simple and beautiful form of satire about the British broadcaster:

The video was meant to pose further questions about the BBC’s role as a public service broadcaster and its remit and responsibility to ‘impartiality’. While in a less obvious way – BBC breaches of impartiality happen regularly. This can be seen in its reporting (or non-reporting) of the plight of the Palestinian people under the Israeli Governments brutal military occupation of Palestine, or more recently, that the Kunduz hospital was ‘mistakenly’ bombed by the United States, thereby reducing any accusations of war crimes.

The YouTuber ended the text under the video with a link to a sharp and critical analysis about the BBC and it’s role in the conflict in Afghanistan. It’s is published on Media Lens, the website publishing about the thin line between news coverage and propaganda.

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