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Be Gay for a Day

Be Gay for a Day


What will happen when washing a red sock together with white clothes? White becomes pink of course.
That can be a disaster but not when you want to go to Roze Maandag (Pink Monday), one of the biggest LGBT events in the Netherlands.

Roze Maandag started as a small party at the fair at Tilburg in 1990. In the nineties the showman thought it was more fun to make things pink. And every year the fair grows bigger and bigger.
The fair started in 2003 with a special Gay Day on monday. This year it will held on 19 July.

Red socks and white t-shirts as an installation outside the Tilburg train station:


Washing label: Doe deze rode sok bij de witte was en be Gay for a Day
Take this red sock into the white wash and be Gay for a Day


Stichting Roze Maandag
Scheepens Reclame Adviseurs

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