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Be positive about people living with HIV

Be positive about people living with HIV

Hear what Adrian have to say.

There is a lot to say on Dec 1, World Aids Day. In social marketing many things are possible with new techniques. But don’t forget it is about real people.
That’s why I find this campaign so touching.

Action for Aids SIngapore launched this campaign: ‘Let’s be positive about the people living with HIV’.

The campaign aims to reduce stigma and discrimination and increase the acceptance of persons living with HIV (PLHIV). With the support of popular local celebrities Xiang Yun, Adrian Pang, and community opinion leaders A.B Shaik and Royston Tan, we hope many others too, will join us in lending and voicing support for PLHIVs in our society.

‘Be Positive’ calls on us to be their Voice by reading personal letters penned by them. These letters will give the public a glimpse into their thoughts, fears and dreams.


Facebookers can ‘Be Positive’ in one or more of the following ways:
1) Watching and sharing what Adrian Pang and friends have to say.
2) Liking the Facebook page,
3) Lending your voice through the app on the page,
4) Or simply wearing a PicBadge on your profile to show your support.



Hear what Royston have to say.


Dengarlah keterangan lanjut dari A.B Shaik.

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