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Be too smart to start

Be too smart to start


Noah from ALR Design (Another Limited Rebellion) sent me this great work. These ads are made for The Henrico Area Mental Health & Retardation Services. One of their groups is the Too Smart to Start Youth Coaltion, a group of young people who have demonstrated interest and commitment to their schools, peers and in their community. They are positive young people interested in continuing to do positive things. They are full of ideas and creativity and looking to use their talents.

Noah writes: They (the organisation) created a program for high school students to talk about the power of marketing called Store Alert. They were specifically focusing on cigarette advertising in convenience stores that seem to be aimed kids (due to placement and content). These posters were actually brought by the teens involved in the program to local stores to be put up next to/or in place of existing ads.
They were designed to blend in to the environment by emulating the crappy design aesthetic that type of advertising usually has.



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