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Beautiful Animation: Diabetes Kills

Beautiful Animation: Diabetes Kills

International Diabetes Federation: Diabetes kills

This is a beautiful animation made for the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). One of the best animations from this year.

The message according to the organisation:
Challenging the public to look at diabetes in a different light, underlining the serious consequences of the disease that can often go unnoticed if it is not managed and treated properly.

It is a bit confusing. Getting diabetes just happens seems to be the message in the animation. And that isn’t reality. There are risk factors which have been associated with type 2 diabetes, like overweight, unhealthy diet, high blood pressure and more. And that isn’t made clear in the video.
And yet I love this campaign because of the final message: ‘Learn how to stay healthy’.

International Diabetes Federation
Additional credits:
Production: Kiwano Motion
Directed and Produced by Els Altres

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