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Beautiful landscape, eh b’y?

Beautiful landscape, eh b’y?

Some nice, Zen-like ads from Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism.

The first one plays up the fact that the province is so far east, it has its own time zone. And it’s one of the few in the world that differs by a only half-hour from the next one:

While Newfoundland was the first part of the Americas to be visited by historical Europeans, it was the last full province to join Canada’s Confederation — almost 1000 years later. Centuries of geographic and cultural isolation have made it as much of a unique “nation” within Canada as French-speaking Quebec. These ads celebrate the defiant individualism and long history of this beautiful bit of the world.

And, on a personal note, since it’s only one of two provinces I have yet to visit in my homeland of Canada, I have to admit I am very compelled by the imagery.

Although I’m a little wary of visiting Dildo


You can read more about the campaign at

Thanks to my favourite Newfie, Sheilagh, for sharing on Facebook.


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