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Beer Brand Fighting the Neknomination Stupidity

Beer Brand Fighting the Neknomination Stupidity

Neknomination is one of the latest hypes. It’s a drinking game where youngsters challenge each other to drink a lot of alcohol in a special way. And the finale is that it should be shared on the various social media channels. It is the ultimate stupidity, and very dangerous too.
Belgian / Scottisch beer brand Gordon Finest Beers wanted to do something to end that madness immediately. They now give youngsters a chance to give an intelligent, yet cool answer to a neknomination, without doing anything stupid or dangerous.

Gordon: “It seems, somewhere in a place called internet, it has become a hype to drink loads of beer, do something funny, crazy or dangerous, film all that and share it on Facebook. And then, nominate people to do the same. Well, we believe that is just weird. And pointless. And above all, dangerous. Time to give a decent answer. An answer that has nothing to prove. And that doesn’t waste any great beer. Time to end this Neknomination.”

On the campaign website everyone who is nominated or just want to react to this madness can make a movie and share it amongst friends.

You have nothing to prove is the claim in the movie. And it fits well on the beer brand slogan: “Men don’t need to prove themselves, just to deserve a nice beer”.

See my example here or try it for yourself.

Beer Brand Fighting the Neknomination Stupidity

Howard Lake recently made a list on UK Fundraising about non-profit videos and virals on the Neknomination trend. The hype turned to do well: Neknomination trend “turned on its head” to spark acts of charity.
Below one of the best examples, see all at UK Fundraising.

Gordon Finest Beers
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