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Behave like a Poet at London’s transport network #TravelBetterLondon

Behave like a Poet at London’s transport network #TravelBetterLondon

Behave like a Poet at London’s transport network #TravelBetterLondon

Poetry isn’t the usual solution to encourage a more considerate behaviour in public transport.
Transport for London (TfL) makes an attempt this week with ‘poetiquette’.

They have recruited thirteen performance poets to appear at major stations across the network. The initiative is timed to coincide with National Poetry Day on Thursday 3rd October.
The poets will highlight some of the passenger travel habits that can disrupt our journeys, to remind us that a little courtesy can make travelling better for everyone.

All the performances will be shared on a campaign Tumblr and across TfL social channels with the #TravelBetterLondon. The initiative is supported by a series of posters illustrated by McBess and written by M&C Saatchi.

The campaign will also include a short animated film displayed on digital screens at Tube stations and on the TfL YouTube page.

Mark Goodwin, Creative Director at M&C Saatchi: “This project is all about giving Londoners a voice – giving them the chance to make their commuting life nicer – and who better to communicate the message than London’s poets? It’s been fantastic collaborating with such a range of talented poets on this campaign, and we are very excited about seeing London’s reaction – and driving changes in behaviour on the transport network.”


Behave like a Poet at London’s transport network #TravelBetterLondon

French Illustrator McBess below.
For the Transport for London Travel Better London project he’s created both the “behaviours” posters, the accompanying film and the iconic logo for the campaign.


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Additional credits:
Agency contact: Louise Rudaizky/Noah Strang
Client name: Miranda Leedham
Copywriter: Mark Goodwin, Matt Roach
Art director: Matt Allen, Dom Baker, David Lawrie
Planner: Stuart Harrison
Designer: Mcbess
Director: Mcbess, Chris Bevan Lee

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