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Behind German Walls – Hinter deutschen Wänden

Behind German Walls – Hinter deutschen Wänden

People talk about domestic violence mostly when it happens in other cultures and sometimes in other religions (those are the favorites). People talk about it and You are sure that something like this in the “civilized world”, in your neighborhood does not happen. And when it does, then these are the social misfits. Perhaps foreigners.
In good middle class does not happen something like that …

You wish!

Last Year presented Harald Wolf (Senator for Economics, Technology and Women) together with Joachim Bosse, creative director at advertising agency DOJO, incurred on behalf of the Senate, the Campaign against domestic violence. The focus was on the cinema spot “behind-German-walls”.

A week ago Berlin started the poster Campaign designed just as “quiet” as the cinema spot … It reveals only in the second view.

On billboards, in subway stations and on city cards – You can see the Campaign everywhere the city.



Sometimes you see it only at second glance. – Manchmal sieht man es erst auf den zweiten Blick.

One in four women are victims of domestic violence in Germany.  Do not look away.

It is evening, it’s dark outside, the TV flickers, the dishes stacked in the kitchen. What we see is quite normal, but what we get to hear is something else…
The camera sticks to the wall and the wallpaper turns into fists and belt strap. These images are to draw attention to something what is often not immediately perceive: domestic violence

The study “Health, safety and health of women in Germany”  has shown that one of four women in Germany between the age of 16 to 80 years at least once in their life is a victim of physical and / or sexual violence by their intimate partner.

In Berlin last year, more than 10,000 women were victims of domestic violence. Berlin police recorded in total 16 285 cases. 3465 affected women and children have sought refuge in the Berlin women’s shelters and housing assistance and protection.

Violence against women and children is the most common form of violence worldwide, it permeates all social classes and usually takes place at home. It includes psychological violence such as threats and humiliation, financial and social isolation and violence as physical or sexual violence, even homicide.

In about 80% of cases of domestic violence is exercised by men.

Message is clear: we should look more closely. We should not look away.

It is happening right over there where we do not expect it.

In the neighborhood.


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HINTER DEUTSCHEN WÄNDEN – Behind german walls , official home page

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