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Behind the Seams: Who makes your clothes?

Behind the Seams: Who makes your clothes?

Behind the Seams is a new ongoing campaign launched as an indictment of the fashion industry. They started with a clear mission: There should be no mystery as to who is making your clothes. The organisation want to improve the conditions of workers in the industry. Raising awareness about the environmental impact is a mission that is important at the same time. Because the bad conditions a the production of our clothing has a greater impact than just the factory.

The Behind the Seams initiative is intended as a collaboration with organizations and people in multiple countries and disciplines:

Together we can make the changes necessary to transform an industry that is, in many cases, dangerous to garment workers and hazardous to both consumers and the environment. The Behind the Seams initiativebuild bridges between the global fashion industry in the developed world and the garment industry producing the clothes in the developing countries.

We guide producers in how to keep on the straight and narrow seam when producing in the developing countries. We also help consumers make informed decisions regarding ethical purchases by raising awareness about the environmental and social consequences of the fashion industry and by giving them access to a peek behind the seams.

Later this year the organisation will honors brands with the The Straight Seam Award.  It is an additional form of positive encouragement to force change through innovation and creativity to make fashion businesses more responsible and sustainable.

This initiative is powered by design agency Move Copenhagen and launched with support from Denmark’s development cooperation DANIDA.

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