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Belgians fight back with knife and fork

Belgians fight back with knife and fork

On March 22nd, Belgium was attacked by terrorists. A month later, the impact on Brussels’ economy was enormous. Especially for restaurants who saw their business go down tremendously. The bankruptcy rate increased by 1500%.

Belgians national business newspapers De Tijd and L’Echo decided to work together with agency Famous Brussels. They launched #DiningforBrussels.

The idea is a call upon Belgians massively to go out for dinner. Companies are being encouraged to do their lunch meetings out in town. And when they’ve finished dessert, restaurant goers can share their commitment to the cause via social media by using the hashtag #DiningForBrussels, illustrated with a photo of their finished plate together with their knife, fork and spoon positioned in the form of a peace sign.

Isabel Albers, Editor in chief, De Tijd:

As a business newspaper, we have been in constant contact over the past few months with businesses that are suffering from the aftermath of the attacks. We do believe, however, that terrorism should not be allowed to triumph over our values, our lifestyle or our economy. And we refuse to stand idly by but instead hope to mobilise as many Belgians as possible with #DiningForBrussels to get them dining out in our nation’s capital. And in doing so, together with Beci, FAMOUS and anyone else who refuses to lie down and take it, reverse the negative impact on Brussels’ economy the way we know best. Bon appétit!

Part of the campaign is a special website for more information and visuals, videos and other promo material:

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