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Benetton prays for Tibet and China

Benetton prays for Tibet and China


The most recent Colors magazine, from Benetton, isn’t a conventional one. It is a collection of prayers inspired by the design and meaning of traditional Tibetan flags. The editorial team collected 30 photographs of the Sichuan earthquake and met 30 Tibetan monks around the world. Each monk composed a prayer inspired by one of these photos.

The artwork above:
Name of the monk: Lobsang gendün (Tibetisch Buddhistisches Zentrum Berlin e.V.)
Picture of the earthquake: Xinhua Press/Corbis
Portrait of the monk: artwork: Erik Ravelo (Kiré)/Colors/Fabrica. Photo Dominik Butzmann/laif/Contrasto

Readers can also submit their own prayer by downloading one of the five files showing traditional elements: earth, water, fire, air and space.
The most beautiful will be used in an installation on prayer that Fabrica is developing for its shows and exhibitions.

Five of the in Colors published prayers are downloadable at the press site.


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