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Best health care video ever made is about one word

Best health care video ever made is about one word

Best health care video ever made is about one word: Empathy

1,250,000 views, 7,503 thumbs up and 615 comments. This is the result after 11 months on YouTube.
These aren’t Bieber numbers but for a health care video it is huge.

Life in a hospital is not only about illnesses. It’s is about questions. And answers. About victories. And loss.
About grief. And relief. About patients. And staff.
And it’s all captured in one word: empathy.
Empathy is the human connection to patient care.

What if you could see a thought bubble above every person’s head, telling you what they were thinking and feeling as you walked by?
The Cleveland Clinic created such a world.

“We wanted to explore what empathy means, the ability to understand and share in the feeling of another. We think empathy takes on a new dimension in a hospital, where there is the push and pull of health and sickness — and where giving and receiving care happens every day.
Empathy is who we are in our connection to each other. It’s how we view every person who comes through our doors.”

And very special: the video was produced internally.

Cleveland Clinic

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