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Beware! They are Educated!

Beware! They are Educated!


This is the new yearly campaign from SAIH, the Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund (Studentenes og Akademikernes Internasjonale Hjelpefond).
It is about the role students can have in change movements. Students are often the first ones to protest when a society moves in the wrong direction. Therefore in various countries students and academics are kept under surveillance, persecuted, imprisoned, or they just disappear.

This campaign has sparked massive media coverage in Norway, when the embassy of Iran was offended and urged SAIH to remove a poster that shows six of the world’s most famous dictators, who fled away in panic from the protesting students. The poster is printed in large editions and has already hung up in all Norwegian university cities.

Anette Remme, manager of SAIH: “Embassy asking us to remove the picture, and it illustrates the problem. We defend students’ free speech. However, it is clear that the embassy does not respect our freedom of speech when they ask us to remove the picture. We could of course selected by many more than the dictators that are delineated, but on the other hand, a representative sample of undemocratic leaders. As you can see, the students in the picture provided with books, not with weapons. Also, students who try to protest by means of free speech, are often met by guns from the dictatorship of the page.”

Source: SAIH/Aftenposten.

Copyright picture: Norderhaug Reklamebyrå.

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