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Billboard breasts boost Boobyball [nudity]

Billboard breasts boost Boobyball [nudity]

Yes, folks, it’s October — the month when cause and corporate social responsibility marketers become more fixated on breasts than a three-month-old nursling after a nap.

Osocio will be covering the month with the good, the bad and the exploitative of campaigns that we see. (I almost wrote “come across”, but I’m trying to avoid any awkwardness here.


Today’s first example comes from Rethink Breast Cancer in Toronto, Canada, where CP+B hired a trio of topless women to brave the nippy fall air to bring attention to their Boobyball fundraiser, now in its 10th year. You may rememer Boobyball from two years ago, when MTV Canada celebrity Aliya-Jasmine Sovani loaned her ample bosom to the cause. (She was also co-chair of the event.)

The stunt also included a cameo by Canadian comic and talk show host Howie Mandel, who posed with the women and tweeted the picture. Creativity says that some of them women were actual breast cancer survivors.

Public female toplessness has been legal in Ontario (the province of which Toronto is the capital) for 15 years, as long as it is not used for purposes of soliciting. I have no idea if this includes PSAs.



Rethink Breast Cancer
CB+P Toronto
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Aaron Starkman
Art Director: Oliver Brooks
Copywriter: David Strasser

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