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Bit unfair

Bit unfair

bit unfair

A new advertainmentsite from Oxfam UK: Bit Unfair.
Game is about the world poverty issue. In most games you have to build your skills to win. In this game it’s easier, if you’re rich you win, if you’re poor you don’t.
Game is developed by Draft London.

Bit Unfair is part of the Oxfam campaign I’m in. I’m in is a community of people who share the belief that poverty is an injustice which can be overcome and care enough to want to do something about it. A movement of people pushing in the same direction and working with Oxfam to reach the same goal.

Watch the tv-spot from I’m in

For three weeks, from 14 March to 4 April, Oxfam is offering you the chance to see your name up in lights, using a giant interactive ‘laser’ projection on the side of the Royal Scottish Academy in the heart of Edinburgh city centre. (I think it’s only for UK citizens).

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