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Blood Signal: The Perfect Infographic

Blood Signal: The Perfect Infographic


This years trend in infographic design makes me mad. I mean those four-screen high visuals with a lot of text. Information graphics must present complex information quickly and clearly. Most of them nowadays makes information more complex. Like this monster.
But what a relief to discover this campaign from the Canadian Blood Services.

Most Canadians know that there’s always a need for blood, but the majority of them don’t know how much blood is actually needed. And unfortunately, simply informing them with statistics isn’t enough motivation to donate.
The challenge of the Canadian Blood Services is to get 100,000 new donors. And they came with a socially-powered info graphic website called Blood Signal.

With the help of Facebook, they were able to educate people on how blood donations can make an impact on their lives by using the people that matter to them the most – their friends and family.
And the Facebook part is the most powerful item of the campaign. It is very simple: push the ‘Connect with Facebook’ button. The statistics are presented according to your amount of Facebook friends.
It makes the statistics personal, without cold hearted figures.
Great work!

Hat tip to IPub.

Canadian Blood Services
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