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Blow the whistle on Sepp Blatter

Blow the whistle on Sepp Blatter

This is the new campaign from Solidar Suisse and again with a famous person in the lead. It’s president Sepp Blatter from the FIFA (International Federation of Association Football). The video from Solidar shows an excerpt from a press conference, at which Joseph Blatter behaves in a way that nobody would have thought possible.
The campaign is about the upcoming World Cup Footbal in Brazil in 2014.

Solidar: “We are making people aware that, although FIFA will once again earn billions in profit with the 2014 World Cup – the people in Brazil will have little cause for celebration. On the contrary: 150,000 people will be evicted from their homes in advance of the World Cup, tens of thousands of street vendors will lose their livelihood due to FIFA’s licensing policies and Brazil will be left with a mountain of debt that will inevitably result in a reduction in social benefits. Last but not least, because FIFA is forcing special legislation through so that it will not have to pay any Real taxes on its profits.”

It is logical that the organization has chosen this event, it’s about solidarity. It is their core business. A perfect way to advertise their brand.
The use of Joseph Blatter, commonly known as Sepp, is perhaps an easy choice. He is under attack for many years about all kind of rumors. See the comments about him on YouTube. But it is also about football, world’s most favorite sport.

Solidar wants you to blow the whistle by signing their petition.


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