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Bogusky’s back, and he’s after Big Soda

Bogusky’s back, and he’s after Big Soda


Former CP+B genius Alex Bogusky, who gave up selling burgers and pizza to change the world two years ago, is back in the creative saddle to shill for the other side.

This new effort is for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, and it’s a rather lengthy sermon on the evils of sugary soft drinks:

The Jason Mraz soundtrack and gentle animation style are almost too sweet to take, which I guess was the idea. Because it contrasts quite a bit with the bear family’s medical woes: Obesity, diabetes, and daddy no longer being “hung like a bear.”

The video leads to a campaign microsite, The Real Bears, which gives information about the effects of drinking too much sugar, such as:

Each additional sugary drink consumed per day increases the likelihood of a child becoming obese by about 60%. Sugary drinks are connected to other health problems
as well.

Each soda consumed per day increases the risk of heart disease by 19% in men.

Drinking one or two sugary drinks per day increases your risk for type 2 diabetes by 25%.

Diabetes can lead to erectile dysfunction.

But does this campaign, with its interest borrowed from those damned Coca-Cola polar bears, have any hope of pushing back against the big money of the cola giants?

It’s apparently all in your hands:

Big soda companies have billions of dollars to tell their story, but we have each other. Oh, and we have the truth. Help The Real Bears spread the truth about soda by sharing the film.
And, you know, try not to drink so much crap.

Center for Science in the Public Interest
Common (Boulder, Colo.) and The Butler Bros. (Austin, Texas)
Additional credits:
(Via AdFreak)

Executive Creative Director: Alex Bogusky
Executive Producers: Marty & Adam Butler
Writers: Ronny Northrop & Ryan Kutscher
Art Director: Stefanie Hermsdorf
Account Director: Mark Ekhardt
Producer: Amanda Fox
Director/Designer/Animator: Lucas Zanotto
Music: Jason Mraz
Guitar and mix: Bill Bell
Horn parts: Grooveline Horns
Offline/Online Editor: Travis Wurges
Sound Design: Nikolai von Sallwitz
Mix: Travis Wurges
Web Design: Cyrus Clemesen

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