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Born for Korn – Tired of cliche!

Born for Korn – Tired of cliche!

Georg Müller from Hessen, Germany is a cool, modern guy. He has high school, can read and write, trained kick boxing, knows all about high-tech devices – and wants to be a farmer. To dispel stereotypes about his dream job, the young man has made ​​a promotional film, “Farmer is what you make of it” ( Bauer ist, was du draus machst ) , that has him brought 10,000 euros and glory and honor at the first “agricultural Oscars”, awards within the framework of the International Green week in Berlin.

Kein bock mehr auf klischee! – Tired of cliche!

Georg Müller tells us in his short film: ” The people always ask me: “Why do you want to be a farmer! You dont´t look like a typical Farmer. You can not make a farmer education after high school!” For me my decision was never questioned. I don´t understand how people can doubt something like that … such a nice job. There are always people who get upset because of dirt on the road, but we produce food, what lands the day after in the supermarket, … that’s what not many people realize. Many do not know at all what makes the agriculture in general and they not appreciate what we do at all. I’m farming because I love working closely with the animals and the nature. I can divide my time by myself. To plan my workflow for me is the biggest and means to me the greatest freedom that one man can have. They used to say words: “the dullest potato farmer is reaping the fattest potatoes”. This is no longer the case. Today, we are working with high tech machines and a farmer just needs the right know-how to lead a good business. Many people don´t know how exciting is to be farmer today and how demanding such a job is. As an sportsman, I put great value on healthy eating and I am fascinated by the self-produced food. To provide food for my self means to me that I can do good to many other people. The family business, already the fourth generation,  to run and to expand further is the best and I can not imagine to do something else …”

Federal Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner, presented the prize of 20,000 euros “Oscars”, together with national handball goalkeeper and farmer Clara Woltering to the winners. Under the motto “tired of cliche!” ( Kein bock mehr auf klischee! ) young people were called from agriculture to make three-minute video clips about their lives. They should give the public a realistic picture of today’s agriculture, and clean up with dusty preconceptions about farmers. From more than 150 videos that were uploaded to, the jury eleven films entries for the “Agricultural Academy” was nominated. Then mitvoten could also Internet users.

The winners:
1th Place: “Farmer, is what you make it” by Georg Philipp Müller and Philipp Fay from Reiskirchen in Hessen
2th Place: “Raspberry Toni” by Tobias Jürgens Vollerwiek in Schleswig-Holstein
3th Place: “Born for grain – Jobst is Bauer” by Anne and Jobst von Petersdorff-Campen from Kirchberg in Niedersachsen
4th Place: “Helena” HHelena Kallen, Niklas Geller and Eric Onder de Linden from Dormagen in Nordrhein-Westfalen
5th Place: “Bauer Radio – The land is not enough 2” by Kerstin Royla, Simon Stöckle and Martin Folgmann from Unterthingau in Bavaria

The special award for “Best Youth Film” received Wencke Clausen-Hansen from Winnert in Schleswig-Holstein for her clip “Even girls love agriculture.” ( „Auch Mädchen lieben Landwirtschaft“)

The prize was awarded by the magazine ‘top agriculture “(Landwirtschaftsverlag Müster), Bayer CropScience, Claas and Big Dutchman.



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