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Both sides of weed

Both sides of weed

A masterpiece from McCann Digital, Tel Aviv: after the “drugs set your timeline” campaign that focused on hard drugs prevention – here’s a new one for the israeli anti drug authority, this time on Weed effects.

In 3 interactive videos, they showed young people talking about marijuana as a deadly drug, and telling it’s the best thing that ever happened to them.
Teen audience can switch freely between the two offered solutions, watch the stories of drug addicts and realize that none of them are actually true, and learn about the real effects of smoking weed.
Take a look here the great interactive page and find out the truth about the Weed



This interactive trip through histerical laughing (btw, great casting!), depressive and dark moments … the viewer of the page can watch all the nuances of drug effect and also the ridiculous arguments of the drug addicts.

But the message is clear:

Marijuana w o n ’ t cause mental paralysis, but will affect your coordination and your sports aactivities.

Marijuana w o n ’ t turn you into a junkie, but will become a drug you depend on.

Marijuana w o n ’ t erase your memory, but it will cause problems with concentration and attention.

Marijuana w o n ’ t make you lose all your friends, but you probably won’t want to be around those who don’t smoke.

Marijuana w i l l   make you funnier, but mostly to yourselves.

Marijuana – know what you’re getting into.

And one line as the cherry on the top of the cake from me:

Marijuana – Rany Shamloul’s recent review of the medical literature on cannabis use and sexual health has revealed that cannabis use may negatively impact male sexual performance.

More fun – More Impotent.

Think about long-term effects before rolling a joint.

Israel anti-drug Authority
McCann Digital, Tel Aviv, Israel
Additional credits:
VP Creative: Nir Refuah
Creative Director: Ami Alush
Copywriter :Danna blum
Art Director: Yatir Kaaren
Designer: Shay Maya
Flash development: Billy Kovalsky, Ron Rochman
Digital Project Manager: Roy Kisch

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